We hold a variety of broadcasting rights for different leagues within haxball. Here's the line-up of our programming.

League Production & Broadcasts

Haxball leagues from across Europe
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RSHL Major League

The flagship league of RSHL, currently in it's 20th season. Recently headlined by the dominance of Riotmakers throughout 2018 until their loss to Siurki.

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RSHL Handball League

Debuting in 2018, RSHL Handball League is the successor of ProHax Handball League which was shut down and merged just before Summer of 2018. It currently hosts around ten to twelve teams and is played on Thursdays and Sundays.

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RSHL Winter Cup

From its beginnings, the league had a major advocate for draft leagues, Jakub Wawrzyniak. The administration has finally presented us with a Draft version of the league in a form of Winter Cup. Captains pick their players one-by-one until none are left.

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RSHL Summer Cup

Usually played in July and August, RSHL Summer Cup is an annual tournament with captains being able to pick an international team name. The tournament has a group stage and then a finals stage depending on the amount of teams.

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Real Soccer Nations Cup

This is the version of football's FIFA World Cup where nations from around the world participate once a year to hold the coveted Championship Title. Participants include Europe, North America & South America.

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Real Soccer Champions League

European tournament for the best teams in the european community. Winners of the tournament include ProVet3rans, Imperial Dragons, Fatality FC & Riotmakers.

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Real Soccer Europa League

European tournament for the second best teams in the european community.

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Futsal Nations League

World tournament to decide the best nation in Futsal. RSHL TV broadcasts Poland National Team match-ups of group stage and later stages.

Original Shows

Talk-shows, Special Events and others.
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Focusing on the latest developments within the RSHL community, it is usually led by Thierry Henry at the beginning of new seasons.

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The Kickoff

This show takes up a studio format to discuss a match before the kick-off time.