Real Soccer Nations Cup 2019

France vs. Brazil

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Real Soccer Nations Cup 2019

Debut of Uruguay!

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Real Soccer Nations Cup 2019

Givanildo returns!

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Match Broadcasts

From RSHL flagship Major League to the Real Soccer Nations Cup, RSHL TV provides viewers with the best experience in all of haxball entertainment.


RSHL TV hosts a wide variety of shows but the most prominent since its inception is Cafe RSHL where panellists discuss the active topics within the community.

Special Events

Whether thats the presentation of the Golden Ball or a Group Stage Draw for a knock-out tournament, RSHL TV produces each with the mindset of giving users a brand new and upgraded experience.


Pay-Per-View or 'Galas' as they are called in Poland are one night only events which involve competition on maps as well as the End of the Year Awards.


Founded in December 2012, the Real Soccer Haxball League Television service has evolved throughout the years to become the main foundation of media on Killing the online newspapers as well as other forms of media.

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Real Soccer Haxball League Television

Your Home of Real Soccer

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Three Kings of Haxball 2019

The Three Kings of Haxball (2019) was a haxball pay-per-view event produced by RSHL Media & Mikk Media Group. It took place on January 6, 2019, at Santiago Bernabéu Stadium in Madrid, Spain. It was the first ever event in which RSHL competed versus THEHAX and HSHL.

The event included competition on Real Soccer, Big and Hockey maps as well as the performance of latin american music star, Becky G.